COMPED HOME COMPED HOME is located south of PHN in Sangkat Choeung Ek, Khan Dangkor. It is a social center for disadvantaged people, including children and youths.
Three projects are in operation at COMPED HOME currently.
  • Kindergarten and Preschool “ Kindergarten SOMERSAULT”
  • Hortproject and
  • Training on agriculture for disable people (see project agriculture).
Goal of the kindergarten SOMERSAULT and Hortproject The main goal of the project is "the improving the learning and living conditions of children of waste picker families and children of the farm worker families in the immediate area COMPED HOME“.  Specifically the improving of the hygienic, medical and nutritional and educational situation.
Kindergarten SOMERSAULT
  • Washing hands, brushing teeth, using toilets is regularly practiced and ritualized.
  • Body washing and dressing newly washed clothes in COMPED HOME happens every day.
  • Tackling small wounds, regular controlling physical development of children are the job of educators.
  • Healthy, regular and balanced lunch is provided in COMPED HOME. Nap for children is included in the daily schedule.  
  • The focus of the didactic-methodological approach the stands the playful holistic learning. Children learning to entertain, asking questions, giving answers, teamwork, counting, to know about color and size etc. to be ready for school.
Hort project Our former preschool children will be continue to be care while they visit school. Thanks to sponsor FHHS the project is 2018 in year 2 in the operation and 10 (5 girls) our former preshool children are in grade 1 and 10 (3 girls) are in grade 2.  
They are driven from home to school and home from school. Because of our capacity at COMPED HOME only children grade 1 having the opportunity to stay in COMPED HOME half day after school.
Updated Thanks to KNORR BREMSE Global Care and Peace Village International our more than 50 children having since December 2017 in the Kindergarten SOMERSAULT a new building enough space for leaning, playing and other activities.