“helping people help themselves”.
Poor children and youth are target group of the project.
• on 5. to 7. November 2014 was the supported children meeting at COMPED HOME. Children were invited to visite 3D film "book of life". The rest of the time children were playing and dancing at CH. It was great time for all.  

• SAB Children in Battambang received new circus training material from Friedensdorf International and Thüringisch Kambodschanisch Gesellschaft - TKG.

• Training on chicken and pig farm for group 3 of blind and other disabled people started on 24. 09. 2014 at COMPED HOME.

• For the school year 2014/2015 all of our 37 supported children were well prepared. October 25 - 27. 2014 all children came to SAB, in order
to make their bicycle ready to use. They received also school dress and school material from us.

• The last training for 15 people living with HIV/AIDS was in October 2013.

Only half of 2014 COMPED has done and implement the following projects:
• Construction two health centers Don Koeng and Sieng Kwieng in Kamchay Mea district,
• Construction the Kouk Kong Lech Health Center or Solingen House in Kanhchriech,
• Since May 2014 COMPED is constructing the Maternity and children's ward in the referral     hospital Rameashek,
• Begin of July 2014 COMPED is going to construct a school building for secondary school Chambak, Svay Rieng.

• COMPED EDUCATION just started with two new projects (1) Research and Training Center on Sustainable Agriculture – LVAnl and (2) pre-school and kindergarten for children 4-6 years old, their parent are working as waste picker on landfill Dangkor, Phnom Penh.
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