Dumpsite Battambang and Waste Pickers Battambang dump site is constructed included in the operation in the year 2011 for dump 100 to 130 Tons/day municipal waste of Battambang city. On the site are working actually around 104 people informal as waste pickers. 78 of them are living permanently on the dump, 33 of them are children (6 younger than 3 years old, between 3 to 6 years old are 12 and 15 are older). sab01
Social Waste Management Center Battambang – SAB The social waste center in Battambang – SAB was founded included in the operation also in the year 2011. The center is located close to the dumpsite.
The main objective of the project SAB is the improving of the waste pickers living condition including learning condition of the children.
SAB is divided into main parts (1) waste recycling center and (2) social center.
Facilities at Social Center
  • Clean water for cooking and washing and toiletts are open to all SAB users.
  • Two class rooms, two circus rooms, a room for small children and one more room is for waste picker family, who wok for the project.
  • Moreover there is a kitchen for prepare food for small children of waste picker families.  
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds are for all children 7 days a week. A small soccer field is available also for children plying in free time.
Projects at the social center Battambang
  1. Day care center: is a place at least four hours/day and 5 days/week for small children of waste picker families. Actually we can keep 17 of 33 children with the age of three to 14 a way of the dump. More then playing our children receive breakfast and lunch. Body and hand washing, using toilets is regularly practiced and ritualized. Children learning to entertain, asking questions, giving answers, teamwork, counting, to know about color and size etc. to be ready for school.
  2. School pate project: More then supporting of school martials, school uniform, bike and school money to children, at SAB children can children learn English, reading learning, doing homework, participation different free time activities, organized by our project staff.
  3. Circus training: It is one of the important free time activity. Children are able to strengthen their personality and body stability.
Updated Today January 2, 2018 a small office room at the social center in Battambang - SAB for our project team is all most finish.